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horseid ▼ horsename country colour sex importtype owner sire dam damsire url age
HK_1971_Z009 MONEY TALKS NZ Chestnut Gelding SG   Even Stevens Little Sheba  
HK_1971_Z011 JUBILEE AUS Brown Mare SG   Stipulate Colybird  
HK_1971_Z012 WALLINS AUS Bay Gelding SG   Farquhar Came Back  
HK_1971_Z014 DRAGON KING AUS Brown Gelding SG   Sagacity Sunny Sue  
HK_1972_F001 CAN RUN AUS Bay Gelding SG   The Court Jester Betarina  
HK_1972_F010 HIGH CALIBRE AUS Grey Mare SG   Piccadilly Lane Darpol  
HK_1972_F013 PRINCE LUCKY AUS Brown Gelding SG   Perspective Kerulen  
HK_1972_F018 CHOSEN DOLL AUS Brown Mare SG   Adamastor Shrapnel  
HK_1972_F021 FANTASY AUS Grey Gelding SG   Althrey Don Pilyle  
HK_1972_F023 BEST OF LUCK AUS Bay Mare SG   Angeluccio Palm Dust  
HK_1972_F042 SPITFIRE AUS Chestnut Gelding SG   Persian Lyric Miss Sharon  
HK_1972_F055 SUPER DISH AUS Chestnut Mare SG   Movalis Faromint  
HK_1972_F056 ROYAL GOLD AUS Chestnut Mare SG   Royal Siena Goldist  
HK_1972_F057 UNCLE AUS Chestnut Gelding SG   Star Affair Wilima  
HK_1972_F062 CAN TAKE NZ Brown Gelding SG   Grasher Susanna Lass  
HK_1972_F097 HERA AUS Brown Mare SG   Piccadilly Lane Invasion Lass  
HK_1972_F100 UPTREND AUS Chestnut Gelding SG   Icarus Liberal Lass  
HK_1972_F104 BRAVADO AUS Chestnut Gelding SG   Sovrango Tracy Ann  
HK_1972_F105 MERRY FELLOW AUS Bay Gelding SG   Nullacourt Coomera Vale  
HK_1973_G002 ANNA'S DELIGHT AUS Bay Mare SG   Lupus Tropic Mist  
HK_1973_G013 CHARISMA NZ Chestnut Mare SG   Just Whistle Dilly Dally  
HK_1973_G017 FAIRY FUN AUS Bay / Brown Gelding SG   Make Haste Delfino  
HK_1973_G021 SHADOWFAX NZ Bay Gelding SG   Roselander Sousbois  
HK_1973_G022 MONEY FIRST NZ Brown Gelding SG   Piccadilly Lane The Blues  
HK_1973_G023 BONA DEA AUS Bay Mare SG   Petard Red Folly  
HK_1973_G029 GOLDEN DAHLIA AUS Chestnut Mare SG   Comet Sawmill  
HK_1973_G030 LORD JIM AUS Bay Gelding SG   Amourrou Alberen  
HK_1973_G032 LANCER AUS Bay Gelding SG   Tambel Denina  
HK_1973_G038 PRINCE ROYAL AUS Chestnut Gelding SG   Royal Sovereign Pagan Dona  
HK_1973_G039 ADIDA AUS Chestnut Gelding SG   Nullacourt Merry Jan  
HK_1973_G046 GINGER BOY AUS Chestnut Gelding SG   Bantam Prince Dusty Saint  
HK_1973_G048 GOLDEN BELL AUS Bay Gelding SG   Streetfighter Swan Ball  
HK_1973_G059 DIAMOND MAKER AUS Bay Gelding SG   Tambel Rose Haven  
HK_1973_G060 SEVEN GOOD AUS Bay Gelding SG   Nerograph Bluebell Glade  
HK_1973_G065 SUPER WIN AUS Bay Gelding SG   Piccadilly Lane Shamal  
HK_1973_G092 LATONA AUS Chestnut Mare SG   Avebury Dunloosin  
HK_1974_Z015 NAZAKAT AUS Bay Gelding SG   Robber Prince Florasol  
HK_1974_Z016 ADRIAN'S PET AUS Brown Gelding SG   Aureate II Full Sail  
HK_1974_Z017 CAN FLY AUS Brown Gelding SG Yuen Kang Chuen Ruantallan Rely  
HK_1974_Z018 WONDERFUL STEED AUS Brown Gelding SG   Angeluccio Maebrae  
HK_1974_Z019 MOUNT FARGO AUS Brown Gelding SG   Hyperbole Ferment  
HK_1974_Z020 MINI PEP AUS Brown Gelding SG   Jack Ketch Chelane  
HK_1974_Z021 YOUNG LOVER AUS Brown Gelding SG   My Own Cornelian  
HK_1974_Z022 KUNG FU AUS Brown Gelding SG   Tambel Tina's Dream  
HK_1974_Z024 MIRACLE AUS Brown Gelding SG   Stagehand Seriniko  
HK_1974_Z025 ALL GOOD AUS Brown Gelding SG   Ping Ching Tulaki Star  
HK_1974_Z026 GOLDEN SYCEE AUS Bay Gelding SG   Royal Sovereign Minmi Lass  
HK_1974_Z027 GAY WARRIOR AUS Bay Gelding SG   Royal Artist Rare Pleasure  
HK_1974_Z028 GOODWIN AUS Chestnut Gelding SG   Hell's Delight Awaya  
HK_1974_Z029 COMBINE AUS Brown Gelding SG   Golovine Betarina  
HK_1974_Z030 GODFATHER AUS Brown Gelding SG   Lupus Typical  
HK_1974_Z031 DRAGON HORSE AUS Chestnut Gelding SG   Star Affair Maddalo Pearl  
HK_1974_Z033 LUCKY PIERRE AUS Bay Gelding SG   Beneficiary Byflame  
HK_1974_Z034 NATURAL VIGOUR AUS Bay Gelding SG   Snatchem Badminton  
HK_1974_Z035 WINNING WILLIE AUS Brown Gelding SG   Stanley Sterling Lumeleigh  
HK_1974_Z036 TOP CHOICE AUS Brown Gelding SG   Beneficiary Waratah Lass  
HK_1974_Z038 GOTEBORG NZ Chestnut Gelding SG   Patron Saint Allora  
HK_1974_Z039 KEY DISH NZ Chestnut Gelding SG   Montecello Miss Sikri  
HK_1974_Z040 COME LUCK AUS Bay Gelding SG   Hell For Leather Lady Trivium  
HK_1974_Z041 RED STAR AUS Bay Gelding SG   Khalif Bijou Queen  
HK_1974_Z044 KINGSTAR AUS Bay Gelding SG   Khojki Ship  
HK_1974_Z045 PROFESSIONAL AUS Brown Gelding SG   Tambel Nomination  
HK_1974_Z046 TRIPLE CROWN AUS Brown Gelding SG   Stipulate Rock Royal  
HK_1974_Z047 ORANGE PEEL AUS Bay Gelding SG   Prince Of Orange High Ego  
HK_1974_Z048 BOUNTIFUL AUS Brown Gelding SG   Stipulate La Polo  
HK_1974_Z049 SAUCY GWYNN GB Brown Mare SG   Saucy Kit Minetta  
HK_1974_Z050 GAY PRISCILLA GB Bay Mare SG   Majetta Fairimka  
HK_1974_Z051 MY KINGDOM GB Bay Mare SG   Henry The Seventh Land Of Fire  
HK_1974_Z052 REINA DEL MAR GB Bay Mare SG   Appiani II Farthing Street  
HK_1974_Z053 GRASS HOPPER GREEN GB Brown Gelding SG   Highland Melody Lady Snow  
HK_1974_Z054 MISSISSIPI GAMBLER GB Bay Gelding SG   No Argument Ballynuisance  
HK_1974_Z055 MY LOT GB Bay Gelding SG   Lear Jet Rowin  
HK_1974_Z057 SONGSON GB Chestnut Gelding SG   Song Pina  
HK_1974_Z058 STAR TROUPER GB Bay Gelding SG   Gala Performance Fadeless  
HK_1974_Z059 CELESTIAL CALL GB Chestnut Gelding SG   Mountain Call Golden Harp  
HK_1975_Z060 YOUNG CONQUEROR AUS Bay Gelding SG   Snatchem Villa Marie  
HK_1975_Z061 CHIC CHIC AUS Bay Gelding SG   Ivanhoe Miss O'reilly  
HK_1975_Z062 ULYSSES AUS Brown Gelding SG   Jack Ketch Hyper Rock  
HK_1975_Z063 GAY MELODY AUS Chestnut Mare SG   Royal Sovereign Judibark  
HK_1975_Z064 ROCKFORD AUS Bay Gelding SG   Red Diver Take Care  
HK_1975_Z065 FAIRPLAY AUS Chestnut Gelding SG   Stanley Sterling Swirl  
HK_1975_Z066 L'ENJOLEUR AUS Bay Gelding SG   Goupi Royal Romany  
HK_1975_Z067 EXPORT FIRST AUS Bay Gelding SG   Lucky Chance Bold Princess  
HK_1975_Z068 FOREVER GLORY AUS Bay Gelding SG   Belgrave Square Tremulous  
HK_1975_Z070 WILDFIRE AUS Brown Gelding SG   Aureo Eastern Lyric  
HK_1975_Z071 HUSTLER AUS Bay Gelding SG   Aratoro Fast Belle  
HK_1975_Z072 BAY VIEW AUS Bay Gelding SG   Richmond Spoon Bay  
HK_1975_Z073 TAI-PAN AUS Brown Gelding SG   Beneficiary Mis Quick  
HK_1975_Z074 CARRINGTON AUS Bay Mare SG   Kingfisher Sky Siren  
HK_1975_Z075 WINWELL NZ Chestnut Gelding SG   Montecello Stellaria  
HK_1975_Z077 SILVER TOWN AUS Chestnut Gelding SG   Open Top Playtan  
HK_1975_Z078 LUCKY COURT AUS Brown Gelding SG   Nyperion Conda Princes  
HK_1975_Z080 SUPER CHANCE NZ Bay Gelding SG   Belmura Lady Wood  
HK_1975_Z081 EMPEROR STEED AUS Brown Gelding SG   Ping Ching Blue Bay  
HK_1975_Z082 IMPRINT AUS Brown Gelding SG   Landau Ambuscade  
HK_1975_Z083 GOLDEN GATE AUS Bay Gelding SG   Coronation Boy Fordare  
HK_1975_Z084 SUPERSELECT AUS Brown Gelding SG   Triala Terula  
HK_1975_Z085 GOLD DUST NZ Chestnut Gelding SG   Golden Plume Onrust  
HK_1975_Z086 HORSEPOWER AUS Chestnut Mare SG   Tour Du Monde Merry Miss  
HK_1975_Z087 CANDID PARTNER NZ Bay Mare SG   Candid Picture Mareira  

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